Generating Your Access Code


Throughout the intake process, there will be documents which require your signature.  Your Intake Coordinator will review these documents and send them via email, using DocuSign.  With DocuSign, you can digitally sign these documents using your cell phone, tablet, or computer
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CDCs Milestone tracker app
Information for Families

The Power of People-First Language

This blog post from Parent to Parent USA discusses the importance of people-first language in referring to individuals with disabilities. It explains how this respectful language emphasizes personhood over disability and combats stereotypes and discrimination. The post delves into the historical advocacy for such language, its role in inclusive communication, and provides guidelines for its proper use.

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Community Programs

Volunteer Support Parent Training

Join Families Helping Families of Acadiana’s Acadiana Parent Connection for this free training to learn how to support parents of newly diagnosed children and become a Volunteer Support Parent.


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