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Check out the Welcome page! This page contains information and details you will need throughout the EarlySteps intake process. Your Intake Coordinator will review this information during your meetings. We recommend bookmarking the page to easily return to it as a reference.

Child Development Basics

The early years of a child’s life are very important for his or her health and development. Parents, health professionals, educators, and others can work together as partners to help children grow up to reach their full potential.

Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities are a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. These conditions begin during the developmental period, may impact day-to-day functioning, and usually last throughout a person’s lifetime.

Concerned about your child's development?

Complete the EarlySteps referral form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your concerns.

Why is Early Childhood Important to Substance Abuse Prevention?

Abundant research in psychology, human development, and other fields has shown that events and circumstances early in peoples’ lives influence future decisions, life events, and life circumstances—or what is called the life course trajectory. People who use drugs typically begin doing so during adolescence or young adulthood (see “Adolescent Drug Use”), but the ground may be prepared for drug use much earlier, by circumstances and events that affect the child during the first several years of life and even before birth.



The Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council is comprised of twenty-eight people from across the state who are appointed by the Governor to develop and implement a five-year plan to address the needs of persons with developmental disabilities.


CDC is the nation’s health protection agency, working 24/7 to protect America from health and safety threats, both foreign and domestic. CDC increases the health security of our nation.

the arc

The Arc of Louisiana is an organization of and for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. It is devoted to promoting and improving supports and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families.


Families Helping Families of Acadiana is one of ten 501©3 non-profit resource centers located throughout the state of Louisiana. FHF are parents that have gone through what you're going through, the individual that lives with a disability every day and the family that is continuously trying to figure out what is best for your child or children.

The mission of the Louisiana DeafBlind Project for Children & Youth is to provide technical assistance and information dissemination to Louisiana students with combined hearing and vision loss, their families, schools, service providers, school districts, and the Louisiana Department of Education.


LaCAN furthers the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council’s mission by advocating for policies and systems that support inclusion everywhere people learn, work, live, and play. LaCAN advocates for service systems that support children and adults with disabilities to live in their own homes and be fully-included and participating members of their local schools and communities.


As a membership-based organization, Zero to Three provides a vibrant, connected community for professionals in diverse disciplines focused on child development who are committed to advancing their knowledge and skills.


Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN) is the federal Assistive Technology ACT program for Louisiana. Working throughout all of Louisiana, LATAN assists residents of all ages with disabilities or functional limitations in gaining independence at home, at work, and at school through the use of assistive technology.

Louisiana Believes is built on the premise that Louisiana students are just as capable as any students in America, and that those closest to children – parents and teachers – are best positioned to help students achieve those expectations.


Additional Resources to Assist Through Your Journey


The Power of People-First Language

This blog post from Parent to Parent USA discusses the importance of people-first language in referring to individuals with disabilities. It explains how this respectful language emphasizes personhood over disability and combats stereotypes and discrimination. The post delves into the historical advocacy for such language, its role in inclusive communication, and provides guidelines for its proper use.

a family sitting on the sofa

Volunteer Support Parent Training

Join Families Helping Families of Acadiana’s Acadiana Parent Connection for this free training to learn how to support parents of newly diagnosed children and become a Volunteer Support Parent.


Region V: 2024 Legislative Roundtable

Region V: Join Families Helping Families of SWLA, LaCAN, and the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council as we meet with Individuals with disabilities, their family members, and the professionals who support individuals with disabilities, to discuss the LaCAN 2024 Legislative Agenda with area legislators.


OCDD Family Meet & Greet

OCDD invites families of children with disabilities to an informal meet and greet to answer questions and provide information on available services and resources.

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